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Corporate Solutions

BRMTool: the application that integrates strategy execution with benefits realization management, in order to maximize returns from programs and projects.

BRMTool Corporate Solution is for organizations that want to use all the capabilities in the application. This can be done as a service (SaaS) or installed on a customer's server behind their firewall.


BRMTool is also a lower cost option for organizations that want to give application access to program and project managers, using the tool as an enterprise application for portfolio and benefits management.


Please fill in the information on the form and we will contact you to discuss the best possible solution for your organization.


Corporate Solutions

  • Full product functionality: planning and modelling, execution and reporting
  • Aggregates financial information at the corporate level
  • Status reporting at the Initiative, program and portfolio/s levels
  • Integrates Operational Initiatives
  • Full access/permissions control 
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