Free Modeling Tool - Coming Soon!

Get free access to the basic modeling functionality in BRMTool, no obligation, no cost for one year. Why pay for Visio® when you can use a smart modeling tool that supports top-down portfolio management? 

With this tool you can:

  • Create a Results Chain: drag and drop pre-defined symbols and connectors
  • Estimate Inflows/Benefits: financial calculator to estimate benefits for the top-down business case
  • Capture Investment for the Initiatives
  • Adjust contributions and allocations in the Results Chain, using relative sizing
  • Propagate inflows and outflows throughout the Results Chain
  • Assess Internal Rate of Return for every node on the Results Chain
  • Traffic Light View of the Results Chain (Red/Yellow/Green) of Internal Rate of Return compared to a hurdle rate

In addition, you get to explore all the functionality in BRMTool, with pre-populated demo data.

Please contact us and submit a request for free access to the modeling tool for one year. We will create an accout for you and send you the user name and password by email within one business day, as soon as the modeling tool is released before the end of January 2013.




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