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Customer Support

P3M Solutions offers live phone and email support Monday to Friday during business hours (Eastern Standard Time). Outside of business hours P3M offers next business day response via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or voice message. In addition to live support, the application has FAQ and other support tools built in into the applcation.





I open the application but there is no data

Select a business plan as a default, then create your own data or   access demo data

I have made changes to investments, inflows, contributions, etc; and   I do not see any change in the results

For changes to take effect, you have to save the Results Chain. It is   at that point that all the calculations and propagations are done

Are investments and benefits always in thousands?

In most of the tables, investments and benefits are in thousands. The   main exceptions are the calculation of hard benefits, which uses actual values   for prices, salaries, etc; and the Investment Estimation Tool, which also   uses actual values. These values are then presented in thousands automatically

The connectors are not working in the Results Chain, I drag the arrow   but it doesn’t connect to the symbol

Make sure the zoom in the results chain and the zoom in your browser   are both set to 100%

I cannot save the Results Chain, apparently there is a symbol that is   not properly connected, but I can’t find it.

There are two possible situations:

-            Every symbol, should have an outbound and   inbound connection, except the Initiatives (outbound only) and Financial   Outcomes. Check in case there is a missing connection

-            A connector may be there but has not connected   to the symbol. To identify which one highlight all the Results Chain by   grabbing and dragging the area. Every connection should have two red dots, if   it doesn’t, it is probably a false connection.