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Training and Simulation Workshops


Training aimed at understanding, learning focused on doing


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Project Management – Navy Seal level


Next Public Workshop:  Niagara Falls, Ontario. Dec 01-02, 2016, 9AM to 5PM


You are a certified and experienced PM professional. You have mastered the use of tools like scope management, schedules, risk registers, etc. Yet, your projects still fall behind or exceed the budget. It is time to take your game to the next level – Navy Seal level

This training will teach you an approach used by selected PM practitioners, who can boast that every single one of their projects is on time and on budget. Hard to believe? Come and see for yourself. 

The two day workshop is a series of sessions that explore advanced knowledge and skills. Every lesson is followed by individual exercises and a simulation game; a real game, with a board, dice and lots of fun! 

You will have the experience of planning a project for success. Then you will execute the project with a team that uses PM tools to self-govern and make decisions. Once you get a team to that state, they will deliver on time and on budget, project after project.



Early bird discount available, Register now !!!


Project Management Workshop Schedule :

Navy Seal level, Niagara Falls, Ontario Dec 01-02, 2016, 9AM to 5PM



Navy Seal level, Grimsby, Ontario, Dec 05,06,07, 8AM to 1PM