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Consulting and Training


Either directly or through a network of certified BRMTOOL consulting partners, P3M Solutions offers professional services for application installation and configuration.

Our consulting services help the customer interpret the strategy and translate it into measurable outcomes, capabilities and initiatives in a Results Chain model that will serve as a blueprint for strategy execution.

When required, our services can also assist customers in refining and/or revising strategy.



The application comes with a package of standard training pre-recorded videos that explain the logic used in the application, which can be taken by users either in a classroom setting or from their desk, on their own time.

In addition to the introductory videos found in the Explore BRMTool section of the main screen, each screen comes with a video that explains all the options and fields on the screen, making it easy for the user.

When specialized or customized training is needed, P3M provides it in both on-line and on-site modalities.