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Templates and Tools

Product Backlog Sizing Template

This tool has strong functionality that allows the product owner to capture the user stories or backlog items, size them using "t-shirt" sizes that have points pre-assigned, prioritize the stories using a two-level priority filter and assess the status of the project. The tool also comes with a project or release burndown chart and iteration log.



Four-week Burndown Chart template

This tool allows the scrum master or project manager to capture the tasks and the estimated effort, and capture the remaining effort, generating the burndown chart automatically. What is unique of this tool is that it allows the calculation of capacity by resource by day, to account for allocation (percentage assigned) as well as days off and holidays.




Stakeholder Grid and Register template

This tool allows the program or project manager to capture and analyze stakeholders from the point of view of how they are impacted, and defines two dimensions for a grid: power and interest. The grid suggests four styles to deal with the different cuadrants.



 Project Charter template

 This is the key deliverable for project initiation and should be prepared with the input of the project sponsor before the kick-off meeting. It includes a basic scope and definition of success criteria and weight for triple constraints. Template comes with instructions in red.