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Training and Simulation Workshops


Training aimed at understanding, learning focused on doing


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Strategy Execution through a Portfolio of Technology projects  


Your organization has likely selected the right projects to implement strategy and run the business. However, in today’s world, the assessment of benefits from projects is becoming increasingly complex, due to the use of multiple technologies in order to generation business benefits. 


Because of this, investment in IT projects is likely determined by the solution/architecture, instead of the contribution to benefits and results. Your chips may not be where they maximize return on investment and execution of strategy. 


This workshop will provide the process and tools to translate business strategy into a portfolio of initiatives (programs, projects and operational activities) and determine the right level of investment for each initiative. 


This workshop can be delivered in two modalities:

  • Public training, two-days working on a simulation exercise
  • In-house workshop, two-days working on the company’s portfolio. 
  • This requires up-front preparation, ask us for more details.